(S)SBMC - SMT-based Stochastic Bounded Model Checking





Model checker / solver for probabilistic systems


(S)SBMC generates counterexamples for probabilistic systems, namely Discrete-Time Markov Chains (DTMCs) and Markov Reward Models (MRMs) with discrete-time. This is done by computing a set of paths which fulfil a given property. The total probability of this set exceeds a given probability bound. The basic computation is done with Bounded Model Checking using the SAT-solver MiniSat (in case of SBMC) or the SMT-solver Yices (in case of SSBMC). There exist several features:

- Loop Detection speeds up the computation,

- Bisimulation Minimization downsizes the system,

- Path Conversion converts minimized paths back to the original ones.

The SMT-based variant SSBMC is able to find paths with a higher probability first, thus generating smaller counterexamples than with SAT. SSBMC also allows to generate counterexamples for MRMs. In case of the latter, the search space might be restricted to a given reward interval, so that only paths with a reward within the interval are considered.


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Contract Signing Protocol, Crowds Protocol, Synchronous Leader Election Protocol, Self-stabilizing Minimal Spanning-Tree Algorithm


Click here for the binary.


Just type ./sbmc (respectively ./ssbmc) to see how the tool can be used and to receive information about the available options.