Open Ressources

Who is Who?

Who works in which subproject? Find the answer here (information not available at the moment)


Collection of press releases and internet ressources concerning errors in embedded systems


Werner Damm's talk at the opening event in Freiburg (02/19/04) as zip archive (unpack and obey following instructions) or as single files: PNGSETUP.EXE and ES0.PPZ . Store both files into one folder and execute PNGSETUP.EXE to unpack the Praesentation. Open the context menu for the unpacked presentation (right mouse click) and chose Execute or Show


Werner Damms overview talk from GVD 2005.

Virtual seminar

Movies of talks in the virtual seminar are stored in Freiburg. This Link opens a page with links to them in a new window.


The AVACS Logo is available in EPS format.

EPS (scalable, size > 12 MB): logo.eps


Marc Herbstritt made a lot of pictures during the opening event at 02/19/04 in Freiburg.

Other sources

A CVS-Server exists especially for AVACS. It's intended use is - amongst others - to hold documents related to case-studies. To insert something into the system, contact Jürgen Niehaus .

Older Information can bee viewed at our old web-server (password protected).